Born out of necessity.

Established in 2009

Our story

Take My Tests was established in the early months of 2009, and we were a great deal different (and smaller) from who we are today. We were founded on a simple question: “How do we simplify taking psychometric tests?” … and on that question our first website was formed.

Since then we have grown to accommodate more team-members. Demand for our service has grown, and caters for people who:  just don’t have the time, struggle or feel anxious under the pressure, have other commitments, or just want experts to handle their psychometric tests.

Our team consists of vetted professionals and is at the core of our success. We understand the value they bring, both to us and our clients. It’s taken us sometime to get there – and, yes, we had issues along the way –  however our core team is now the strongest it has ever been – and the results/success they bring to the table for our clients is unparalleled.

In the wake of our success a number of other service providers sprung up to fill the demand. Whilst we don’t speak for their offerings, this has only lead to us to improving and refining our service further and we continue to maintain our position as the most requested provider available today.

Core team

Names and faces have been changed. We’re sure you can understand our reasons for this.


Jonathan Mist

Lead Team

Jonathan is one of our founding members and has been with us from the start. He excels in numerical assessments but is also a more than able all-rounder.

Mark Haskins

Lead Team

Mark is a perfectionist and long-serving team member. He loves mathematics and is one of the most capable people we have come across.

Edward Price

Team Member

Edward has been a part of the TMT team for over two years. He continues to offer exceptional results for our clients and is definitely a top-achiever. He is currently pursuing his studies at a red-brick university in the UK.

Prashant G.

Team Member

Prashant has been working with us for approximately 18 months. He is a computer-whizz and actually helps us run and maintain our website. Beyond technology, Prashant has a keen eye for numbers and details.

Our Stats –

It only feels appropriate that we show-off a little.


years operating.


core-client countries.


fastest turnover time.


new clients per month.

Nobody does it better!