You have questions?

Okay! Please check below


I live in another country, can you help?

Absolutely! We assist people from all over the world.

What's the difference between normal, urgent, priority, and same day?

We understand that different clients have different deadlines. Some need things completed quickly, others do not.

These terms refer to how quickly we will deliver your order:

  • Normal = Within 7 Days (including weekends)
  • Urgent = Within 4 days (including weekends)
  • Priority = With 48 Hours (including weekends)
  • Same Day = Within 24 Hours (including weekends)

Yes, we work weekends too 🙂

What information do you need from me?

After purchase, further instructions will be emailed to you regarding all the information require. Essentially, we will need the details of your assessment.

I've placed an order but haven't heard from you?

We try to communicate as fast as possible. However, please note that on weekends we run a limited admin service.

Do not worry, your order will be completed on time!

Do you use a VPN?

Yes we do. We value our privacy and security too greatly not to!

What happens after you complete my order?

As soon as we are finished we will send you a notification email to let you know.

Can I see my results?

This depends on the assessment, not on us. Some assessments do not provide feedback at the end. If they do provide feedback we will, of course, be happy to show you this.

Can you take screenshots or operate by Skype?

Apologies, but no.

We are aware that some providers will accommodate these practices, however our experience tells us that this is not worth it.

Our reasons are as follows:

  • These are timed assessments. Pausing for screenshots could be detrimental to results.
  • Remote viewing, such as Skype: Again, this will slow us down and also leaves you vulnerable to a connection loss mid-assessment.

Do you offer a refund?

Yes, it’s simple.

If we fail, you get your money back in full.

However, it is very unlikely that we will fail and for that reason we ask that you provide us with concrete evidence that we did.

To note, we can not guarantee interviews or stage-progression or offer refunds on subjective assessments (either as individual or bundles). This depends on more than test results.

Aspects such as: experience, exam results and internships are beyond our control but play a huge role in progression.

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